Research Centers

The Center for Marine Environmental Studies

The Center for Marine Environmental Studies has four research branches based on physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. Researchers in the four branches cooperate closely and, as a result, many interdisciplinary and comprehensive researches have been done and are in progress. The Center for Marine Environmental Studies is intended to be a center of coastal environmental studies of Seto Inland Sea, Japan, and even Asia. Therefore, the Center propels international research cooperations through academic exchange agreements with foreign universities.

Seto Inland Sea is the largest and the most important coastal area. Because of its varied environments, it is one of most interesting and important subjects of our researches.

The Center for Marine Environmental Studies has accepted 4th year students of Faculty of Science, Ehime University who do their graduation researches. For the purpose, the Center have provided opportunities of various interdisciplinary coastal environmental researches for the students.

Proteo-Science Center (PROS)

Proteo-Science Center, Ehime University has researchers with various backgrounds such as engineering, medicine, and sciences. To understand many biological phenomena and causes of diseases, they are doing researches about functions of proteins in molecular, cellular, and biological levels. It is expected that obtained knowledge will be applied to develop new diagnoses and treatments for intractable diseases such as cancers, autoimmune diseases, and intractable infections.

The members of Proteo-Research Department also takes a part of teaching at Department of Chemistry. They are aiming to understand structure-function relationships among proteins and cofactors in atomic level and to obtain new discoveries that will be basis of applications for efficient artificial systems.

Geodynamics Research Center

Geodynamics Research Center, Ehime University conducts various research and educational activities on chemistry, structure, and dynamics of the deep earth/planets using the cutting edge technologies and theories such as super-high-pressure/super-high-temperature equipment and computer simulations by first-principle calculation and numerical fluid mechanics.

Geodynamics Research Center is also trying to apply obtained knowledge to producing new materials such as nano-polycrystalline diamond (see the photo), the hardest substance in the world, that was composed by Center.

Center is now an internationally recognized research and educational center that has many academic exchanging with universities and institutions all over the world. Center also takes a part of education of Faculty of Science, and Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University.

Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution

Based on the developments of fundamental sciences and advanced technologies, we had explored the universe actively in 20th century. In 21st century, the exploration has been accelerated and many facts, such as the age of the universe that is 13.7 billion years old, has been discovered.

At present, it is believed that dark matter and dark energy exist, and they are accelerating the expansion of the universe. However, we still do not know what they are. The more we explore, the more mystery of the universe we find.

In such a situation, the most important thing is applying the principles of physics to understand the evolution of the universe. Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution, Ehime University is developing forefront research comprehensively focusing on “Space and Cosmic Evolution” and is taking a part of education in Faculty of Science and Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ehime University.

Advances Research Support Center

Full-time staff of the total of 6 people , we are of the support measurement services and equipment use of the equipment to the university faculty and students . 3 faculty members of full-time , belongs to the faculty organization of the Department of Chemistry , as well as sharing the education of undergraduate and graduate , search and synthesis of new biologically active substances , the development of the physical properties of conversion dye towards creating organic devices , lithium secondary battery has a study of topics such as the development of the next generation use the positive electrode active material , we are conducting research that made ​​full use of the equipment of the center installation .

Ehime University Museum

Ehime University Museum , a variety of materials and research results to the general public that the university has accumulated , is a facility that aims to convey especially easy to understand the younger generation . Permanent exhibition , full of intellectual stimulation , " evolving universe and the Earth " , " Ehime University and the history of Ehime ," " diversity of life " , is a 4- zone 11 corner of the configuration of a " human life " . Others , in the planning exhibition space , have been held at any time the popularity of the exhibition , such as " insects Exhibition" and the fall of the " Aidai Expo " in the summer .

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