Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I like science and mathematics. I think you try to go to the Faculty of Science or Engineering. Please tell me the difference between the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

A1. In general, in the Faculty of Science have the primary purpose of learning the natural laws of nature phenomenon, in the Faculty of Engineering will have to learn its application to real life and the main purpose. Therefore, we will learn more basic courses in the Faculty of Science. In addition, modern society is in a critical turning point, the human race is a lot of difficult issues, energy and resources, will not have so of global environmental issues. This time what, it is important to learn the laws of nature going back to nature. If if you are thinking of studying more deeply the natural science like the science and mathematics, it is recommended that it be go to the Faculty of Science. Learning in the Faculty of Science will be the ones fulfilling fruitful.

Q2. I'd like to study natural science at the University like the science and math, I think that it is better attached to the work that goes to the role in society and graduated from the Faculty of Engineering Considering that after graduating from college. Are we learned in the Faculty of Science will stand in the role even from out in society?

A2. Because in the Faculty of Engineering learn the application to the real life of the natural sciences, towards the Faculty of Engineering There is also the idea that stand in the role immediately after graduating. Modern remarkable advances in science and technology, only the knowledge out to society to obtain the knowledge that stand to immediately role will no longer valid in immediately. Such as the world of information science dealing with the computer in the typical, we must continue to study constantly. Through the learning of the foundation of natural science in the Faculty of Science, has been working on the development of human resources was wearing a thinking and problem-solving skills based on the most necessary free-thinking to contribute to the future of society. In addition, also advanced science and technology, basic science to study at the Faculty of Science is will not be because of basic science never stale. To be learned in the Faculty of Science will Impex from out in society, people who graduated from the Faculty of Science is expected to be active in the future of society.

Q3. Will after graduation is going on?

A3. General machinery, precision machinery, electrical machinery, chemical industry, metal industry, food industry such as manufacturing, information and research industry, service industry, construction industry, teachers and civil servants, etc. job is different. There are also go to other universities and Ehime University graduate. Seniors has been active in various fields. Since learning the basics in the Faculty of Science, or would not be wide of its range of applications. Please refer to the page of the "path data" company name and the like of the employment of recent graduates.

Q4. After graduating, do people often go on to graduate school?

A4. Each year, about 40% of graduates, including graduate schools of other universities have to go on to graduate school. Will participate in a deeper learning research squeeze a theme in graduate school. It should be noted that Ehime University mathematical material science majors in the graduate school, there are environmental functions Science. Please refer to the page of the graduate school for more information.

Q5 in. Faculty of Science I've heard that there are many experiments and training. How much there you?

A5 in. Department of Mathematics, exercises, such as computer training and seminars, in the Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry, exercises, experiments and seminars, in the Department of Biology and Earth Sciences, exercises, experiments, students such as seminars and especially outdoors practice actively Yes to continue participating class is four years in manner. In particular, in the fourth grade do the graduation research under the guidance of teachers who each student desires. Please refer to the page of each department for more information.

Q6. Please tell us about the admissions to the Faculty of Science. Do you actually incorporated students are how much?

A6. We each department several people about students each year and incorporated third year from universities and higher professional schools. In addition, the 1990 annual Hen admission from 15 years was also performed, it supports students who wish to enroll after the course change other universities, to other faculties. In addition to incorporation is you will need to take the admissions test. Please refer to the entrance examination information page for more information.

Q7. How much of students do we have received a loan of scholarship?

A7. We are students of about about 30 percent of each school year every year received a loan of scholarship from the Japan Student Services Organization. Please other scholarships, etc. For more details, see the page of campus life scholarship homepage Ehime University.

Q8. Is it possible to tour the university before admission?

A8. It is of course. Ehime University Open Campus carried out during the summer holiday, science festivals, etc. There are a variety of opportunities.

Q9. When writing a graduation thesis, did it not belong to each laboratory? Can ecology is the study of insects?

A9. The Ehime University Faculty of Science Department of Biology, when it comes to the 4th year, there is a system called thesis laboratory migration. That is, when you write a graduation thesis will be that belong to each laboratory. Each laboratory, then it might also one faculty, you may have been composed of a plurality of teachers. In the latter case, or receive guidance on how teachers, determined by the discussion after laboratory assignment. To say that the insect is different, but are dealing in this department is the aquatic insects that mainly inhabit the river. However, focus is the ecology of fish, aquatic insects is positioned as a bait fish. Therefore, such as ask, I do not think in the ecology of the so-called insects.

Q10. Are in the secondary test since the beginning of the university If you choose physical not be able to choose the Department of Chemistry?

A10. If you choose a physical exam course in the previous fiscal year schedule is possible to go to the Department of Chemistry in the second year. If you belong to the Department is determined at the time of enrollment, such as the late schedule, you need to undergo such as rolling department test in order to change to a different department.

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