Entrance Examination System

Many Chances to Enroll to Faculty of Science, Ehime University

We think talent and ability of an applicant who would like to study sciences cannot be estimated by just one examination. Therefore, Faculty of Science offers the following four entrance examinations to accept students of diverse talents and abilities.

For the “First Examination” (前期日程), applicants need take an examination of mathematics or science (理科) besides the Center Examination (センター試験). By the “First Examination”, we accept the largest number of students. Students who passed the “First Examination” will be able to choose the department to proceed at the end of their first year in Ehime University.

For the “Second Examination” (後期試験), applicants need to take an examination designed by each Department besides the Center Examination (センター試験). To measure ability and talent, applicants will have an interview with facutly members, or will be asked to write an essay in the examination.

“AO (Admission Office) Examination II” consist of the Center Examination (センター試験), interview, and an examination out of mathematics, chemistry, and an essay. Hence, applicants will have a variety of opportunities to express their willingness and abilities.

For “Entrance Examination by Recommendation” (推薦入試) consists of recommendation letter and interview. Applicants will be examined by what they have done and achieved during their high-school lives. Because this examination is conducted in November, successful applicants will have four months to prepare before they will enroll to Ehime University in April.

We look forward to seeing you at Faculty of Science, Ehime University.

How to read the tables

If a successful applicant took, for example, “the Center Examination” + “Mathematics” for the “First Examination” (前期試験), the applicant can choose an department to proceed out of Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science. The applicant will make decision at the end of his/her first year.

On the other hand, a successful applicant we took the “Second Examination” (後期試験), “AO II Examination”, and “Entrance Examination by Recommandation” must decide department to proceed when they take the entrance examination.

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