Student Support System

Sufficient Student Support System on Learning and Campus Life

For each student, two teachers (faculty members) are assigned as his/her advisers. The advisers help the students on his/her learning and campus life.

All faculty members have an office hour. A student can visit faculty members during their office hour to ask questions or advises.

Ehime University provides many consulting and information services with which students can obtain, for example, information of books they need in their classes, or information of part-time jobs.

Learning Support System (修学支援システム)

Students can make necessary procedure such as registrations of classes or conformation of learning records via Ehime University web system (修学支援システム). On the system, students can also obtain information on job huntings such as position offer information, information of internships and seminars.

Conference with Parents (教育懇談会)

Faculty of Science organizes a conference with students’ parents once in a year (usually in June). The purpose of the conference is to share information on the present situation of students with their parents. Parents can have individual session with their child’s adviser on study record and career design of the student.

Career Design Support

Faculty of Science provides various supports to help students’ career designs. These supports includes providing information of position offers, consultations on career design and job hunting, promoting internships, and so on. (in Japanese) to Ehime University Career Support

Consultation Services for Students

Faculty members, professional staff (doctor), or volunteers of graduate students give advises and suggestions for students.

  • Student Servise Station, Student Support Center
  • Human Rights, Sexual and Academic Harassment Consultation Office
  • Graduate Sutdent Support Desk, Study Help Desk
  • Peer@Cafe, Students Consaltation Office
  • Health Support Center, etc.


  • Exemption of Entrance Fee and/or Tuition
  • Scholarship by JASSO and other parties
  • Student Project Study (supports for individual studies by students)
  • MIYUKI Dormitory

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