The Educational Policy of Faculty of Science - Stretching the Boundaries


The Educational Policy of Faculty of Science - Stretching the Boundaries

Science is an academic activity of exploring the principles and the laws that govern the nature and lives. Science is also one of the common properties of mankind and the fundamentals of our modern civilization. When we face a scientific enigma, we try to analyze it by methods provided by sciences, and finally and hopefully obtain new discoveries. By this process, new scientific enigmas may be found. The driving forces of developing sciences are curiosities about the nature and high willingness to take new challenges. The principles of education and research in Faculty of Science, Ehime University is "stretching the boundaries."

To solve an enigma, we need knowledge and methodology. Therefore, the first feature of education at Faculty of Science is to let students obtain academic fundamentals that are necessary for further studies. On the other hand, curiosities and styles of learning may depend on individuals. A diversity of ideas and styles of learning leads sciences to develop in many directions. Hence, the second feature of education at Faculty of Science is to provide a curriculum from which students take classes based on their own curiosities and needs. Our curriculum assures intellectual freedom of students. With the two features, Faculty of Science educates students who can “stretch the boundaries” with the power of science.

Admission Policy

Faculty of Science, Ehime University calls for students who have the following abilities:

Academic Ability

  • Students must have enough background of high-school level mathematics and natural sciences, and must be ready for autonomous study in Ehime University.

Logical Thinking

  • Students must consider problems logically, and must express their opinions in a logical and consistent way.

Scientific Ethics

  • Students must have high willingness to use knowledge on science and technologies to make society, culture, and the earth environment better.

Curriculum Policy

To educate students, Faculty of Science, Ehime University designs our curriculums in the following manners.

Effective Science Education

  • The curriculum provides a smooth continuation from high school level sciences to university level sciences.

Fundamental Principles

  • Students can learn the fundamental principles of the nature. They also will learn how they can apply those principles to practical problems.

Extensive Knowledge

  • Students will be able to obtain extensive knowledge from teachers with various backgrounds.

Diploma Policy

Faculty of Science aims to educate students who have the following abilities:

Scientific Mind

  • Students have systematized knowledge on science and technology. Based on the knowledge, students can autonomously develop their intellectual abilities further as scientists.

Scientific Abilities of Solving Problems

  • Students can analyze a problem and draw essences from it based on scientific principles. They also can solve the problem through researches and studies based on evidences obtained by experiments and observations.

Scientific Ethics

  • Students clearly understand the responsibilities of sciences and scientists from social, cultural, and environmental points of view.