Message from Dean

  • Dean of Faculty of Science, Ehime University
  • Miki Hirano
Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, (University of Tokyo) (1998)
Mathematics (Number theory)

Curiosity and creativity, unlock the mystery of nature.

Natural sciences are academic activities of searching for the principles of the nature. Their research subjects range from the fundamental theories to daily life applications. Nowadays, we are enjoying the benefit of technologies that have been developed for several thousand years. On the other hand, we face many problems which are produced by too rapid development of the modern civilization. To resolve those problems, natural sciences are expected to be developed further with social and ethical consideration.

Faculty of Science, Ehime Unviersity consists of five departments, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and earth sciences. The curriculum of Faculty of Science is appropriately designed to provide for students with a smooth continuation from high school level sciences to university level basic and advanced sciences, and even to cutting edge fronts of researches. Graduates of Faculty of Science have enough background of natural sciences and take an active part of local and global comunities. We hope you join us to pursue a better future with the power of sciences.

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